tengo mucho mas para decir de lo que lees, tengo tantas cosas para decir que nadie sabe.Tengo estos putos pensamientos que no existen,Como pedirte que lo entiendas, si sos un idiota?


I've been traveling on a lonely street got lost in the shadows fell hard in the battle the choirs and the suffering I walked through the darkness left broken and heartless. I'm calling out, can you hear my voice? I'm gonna follow you through all the noise you know there's nothing that I wouldn't do so shine your light as I reach for you. My heart beats for LOVE
It's the sound that I hear, tells me not to give up It breathes in my chest and It runs through my blood
My heart beats for love

And I've been told at least a thousand times
It's not worth the struggle, the hurt or the trouble I keep running up to these front lights.No I won't surrender I'll wait here forever